Date: 10/07/2020
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FFB Attends Wilson County CASA 30th Anniversary

On June 15th, several First Freedom officers attended Wilson County CASA’s 30th Anniversary celebration at the Capitol Theatre in Lebanon. Linda Shenk, one of the original organizers of Wilson County CASA, was honored at the event.

CASA provides trained volunteers who advocate in court for the stability and healthy development of abused and neglected children. Cases are referred to the CASA programs by the Juvenile Court Judge, the Department of Children’s Services, and/or the Foster Care Review Board. CASA volunteers do not leave the case until the child can be returned home, is adopted, or other permanent arrangements are made for the child.

Pictured from left to right is Derek Frank, Nicole Frank, Mortgage Origination Officer, Rick Marsh, Debbie Marsh, Mortgage Administration Officer, Chris Ferrell, Shelia Ferrell, First VP, Managerial Lender and Wilson County CASA Board Member, Cathey Sweeney, Executive Director of Wilson County CASA, Emily Vance, and Phillip Vance, Assistant VP and Relationship Manager.

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