Date: 29/09/2020
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FFB Recognizes Employees with the Chairman's Cup Award

FFB recognized nine employees for exceptional job performance and exceeding their individual goals for enhancing and broadening customer relationships. Their outstanding performance earned them the prestigious honor of Chairman’s Cup Member for the quarter. The qualifying employees were Abby Hernandez, Cookeville FSR, Kaitlyn Kovalchik, Cookeville FSR, Bryan Sweet, Cookeville FSR Manager, Kim Cowan, Providence FSR Manager, MaKayla Ramsey, Cookeville FSR, Rebecca Birman, Gainesboro FSR, Blair Kirkland, Providence FSR, Sara Beth Kinnaird, Gainesboro FSR.

Sara Beth was also recognized as the Top Performing FSR. Sara Beth is pictured above with John Lancaster, Chairman and CEO. 

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