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Loan Qualification Calculator

This income qualification calculator provides your maximum monthly mortgage payment, principal and interest and loan amount you will qualify for under current Fannie Mae Underwriting Guidelines. It is based on your input so please be accurate.

To use this calculator simply enter you information as accurately as possible. Do Not use dollar signs, percent signs, commas or other non-numerical symbols. Decimals are ok. All fields must have an entry even if it is 0.00.

Gross Monthly Income Other Monthly Income Monthly Property Taxes Monthly Home Ins.
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Monthly Auto Payments Monthly Credit Card & Consumer Debt Loan Term In Years Interest Rate %
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Your income qualifies you for a maximum monthly mortgage pmnt (including P&I) of: $
Your income qualifies you for a maximum loan amount of: $

Calculator Disclaimer

Calculators are presented for illustrative purposes only. In no way is this an offer to lend. All computations by the calculators are believed to be accurate, however, the authors assume no liability or responsibility for computational errors.

Under FNMA underwriting guidelines some types of income are excluded in calculating qualification ratios. These calculations make no guarantee or representation that you will qualify for any particular loan or loan terms.